Hetalia Spin the Bottle

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You got Mail. Just Kidding you got France.
You are at China's end of year party and things are going great, until two bakas start up. "Oh great! America and England are at it again." "Why do they have to disagree everywhere they go?" "Oh like you and Korea don't?" -_- "____, why don't you see what they are arguing about." "Why me?" "Because they like you." sigh. "Fine." You walk over to them and tap both of them on the shoulder. "Hey guys. Why are you fighting now?" England stiffens his back and looks at America. "This idot thinks we should play a bloody stupid game." This piqued(sp?) your intrest. "What game?" Before England could answer America shouts out. "SPIN THE BOTTLE!" "Hey! That actually sounds like fun. Lets do it!" "Yeah!" After someone finally managed to find a bottle, everyone sits down in a circle. "Who's going first?" asked China. "How about France? This is his kind of game." "ENgland are you upset, because people perfer my charm to yours?" He gives a little wink to annoy him further. It takes China and Germany to keep England from lunging at France. "I will go then, I hope I get the very joile(pretty) ___." This makes you blush. In an embarssed way, not flattered. When the bottle does stop, its on you. "I knew fate would be kind today. It has allowed me to have a chance at the magnifique beauty that is ___." Needless to say this didn't sit well for you. It's not like you hate France. It's just that you are a very shy person. You don't like the idea of kissing in public, at least on the lips. You didn't mind a kiss on the cheek or something like that. But you know that France would not be like that he would make it a make out session! 'I can't do this.' "___" You look up to see France with his hand held out to you and everyone else turning to you waiting. Reluctantly you put your hand in his and get up. You brace yourself for whats to come and close your eyes. France leans down and getntley kisses your cheek. Suprise hits you and your eyes open. Everyone else is just as suprised as you are and some are wondering if this is the real France. France on the other hand smiles pleasently and sits down. The game goes on and soon comes to an end when Hungry gets Russia. Lets just say it did involve a police call. As your walking down the street you hear someone call your name. France was jogging toward you. "____, please stop I have to ask you something." "What is it France?" "Do you hate me? Because if I did please forgive me." "No, I don't hate you." "Then why did you look like you were dreading the kiss, mon amour?" "I-I-I just don't like p-p-public displays of affection." You turn around and pray he doesn't laugh. You feel his arms wrap around you and his head rest on top of your head. "I see mon amour. If we were not in public would you let me kiss you the way I wish to?" "I-I-i-i" He turns you around and gives you a sweet and loving kiss. His lips feel incrediablly soft and you feel incredubly light headed He breaks apart from you only a little so his lips are centimeters away from yours. "I truly care and love you mon amour." This time you kiss him in a more heated kiss. The next day, he annoucess that you two are dating.

Nonèpossibilenonèpossibilenwdjnedjfndjfn. Al primo colpo.
E' la fortuna del lunedì sera.
Ps: "It's just that you are a very shy person" AHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Sono una bambina timida io. ç_ç' *Assaltastupra*
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